Why Solar

How does a solar energy solution work?

While there may be variations depending on the needs of your home, the principals of solar remain the same.

Your home or business is outfitted with solar panels, typically mounted on the roof but freestanding solar arrays are also common as they can be re-positioned to maximize exposure to the sun. Theses panels are made up of photo-voltaic cells (commonly referred to as PV cells). They are responsible for collecting the suns energy and producing Direct Current electricity (DC). DC current is the same type of power in a battery. It's suitable for starting a car, or powering portable devices, but is not suitable for powering a household.

Our homes function on Alternating Current electricity (AC), so before the power produced from these solar panels can be used in our homes, we need to convert it to AC. To accomplish this, the DC current is passed through an inverter, and the output is AC current, suitable for household consumption.

AC current can then be fed directly into your household electrical panel. Where applicable, excess electricity may also be fed back into your providers’ electrical grid. Since panels can only produce electricity when they are exposed to sun, adding batteries to store this energy to be consumed at a later time is also common practice.

3 simple steps to go solar

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Our solar partners will discuss the options specific to your home, energy usage, roof type and orientation.

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A solar design professional will visit your home to examine your roof and take measurements to design a custom system to meet your energy needs.

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As soon as your solar solution is installed, you'll be on your way to generating your own clean, reliable and renewable energy.

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