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Is solar for me?


The simple answer is yes. Solar is for everyone. While solar is a great way to reduce your electricity bill, carbon footprint, and power your home with an environmentally friendly renewable resource, there are some considerations everyone needs to make. We recommend a solar consultation to evaluate the specific options available to you.


How much can I save with Solar?


Savings are dependent on multiple factors. Your local electricity rates, demand and usage patterns, the amount of power your system can yield. Consumers can see a substantial reduction in their electricity bill depending on state, exposure and output. Your solar consultant will be able to work with you to provide accurate savings estimates.


What is Solar Energy?


Solar energy is generated by utilizing the power from the sun. It's a powerful resource because every hour that the sun beams down on the Earth, it provides enough energy to power the entire world for one year. Plus, it's free. Today, this energy source is harnessed through the use of solar panels. These panels (or photovoltaic cells) are made of semiconductors such as silicon. When sunlight strikes the panels it's absorbed through this material and electrons are knocked loose. This energy created by the moving electrons can be harnessed to create renewable energy.


Does my home have adequate exposure to direct sun?


The more direct sun, and real estate available on your rooftop, the better. But that doesn’t mean that a little shade will throw a wrench in your solar plans. Solar (PV – Photovoltaic) systems can convert both direct and scattered (indirect) light to electricity. A professional installer will look at the orientation, slope, any obstacles, and the number of panels your roof can accommodate to provide an accurate estimate of what you can expect from your new solar solution.


How much does a Solar solution cost?


Solar ownership options are as vast as the solutions available. Your state may have grant and rebate programs you can take advantage of. State and Federal Tax credits can pay you back as much as 45% of the installation costs. In addition, there are a variety of leads and finance options available to make any system fit your budget. When you invite a consultant to provide a quote, they will be able to provide you with a full breakdown of the rebates, incentives and financing options available to you.


What is Green Energy?


Green energy refers to electricity made from renewable resources, such as sunlight or wind. These types of energy sources emit little to no emissions, making them a clean option for energy supply.

The savings are hard to ignore

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Cost per Year - $320.00

Cost with Solar - $96.00

Savings - $224.00*

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Dish Washer

Cost per Year - $195.00

Cost with Solar - $58.50

Savings - $136.50*

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Cost per Year - $190.00

Cost with Solar - $57.00

Savings - $133.00*

* Actual cost may vary depending on your local provider and applicance rating.

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